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General Use



Product Lineup

  • XPP502-AX Body: Black 0.2mm

  • XPP502-GX Body: Yellow 0.2mm

  • XPP502-PX Body: Pink 0.2mm

  • XPP502-SX Body: Sky Blue 0.2mm

  • XPP502-WX Body: White 0.2mm

  • XPP503-AX Body: Black 0.3mm

  • XPP503-GX Body: Yellow 0.3mm

  • XPP503-PX Body: Pink 0.3mm

  • XPP503-SX Body: Sky Blue 0.3mm

  • XPP503-WX Body: White 0.3mm

  • XPP505-AX Body: Black 0.5mm

  • XPP505-PX Body: Pink 0.5mm

  • XPP505-SX Body: Sky Blue 0.5mm

  • XPP505-WX Body: White 0.5mm

  • XPP507-AX Body: Black 0.7mm

  • XPP507-PX Body: Pink 0.7mm

  • XPP507-SX Body: Sky Blue 0.7mm

  • XPP507-WX Body: White 0.7mm

  • XPP1002G-A Body: Black metal grip 0.2mm

  • XPP1002G-C Body: Blue metal grip 0.2mm

  • XPP1002G-W Body: White metal grip 0.2mm

  • XPP1002G-Z Body: Silver metal grip 0.2mm

  • XPP1003G-A Body: Black metal grip 0.3mm

  • XPP1003G-C Body: Blue metal grip 0.3mm

  • XPP1003G-W Body: White metal grip 0.3mm

  • XPP1003G-Z Body: Silver metal grip 0.3mm

  • XPP1005G-A Body: Black metal grip 0.5mm

  • XPP1005G-Z Body: Silver metal grip 0.3mm

  • XPP1007G-X Body: Navy Blue metal grip 0.7mm

  • XPP1007G-Z Body: Silver metal grip 0.7mm

  • XPP505-GB Body: Cherry Red 0.5mm

  • XPP505-GD Body: Mint Green 0.5mm

  • XPP505-GP Body: Peach Pink 0.5mm

  • XPP505-GS Body: Soda Blue 0.5mm

  • XPP505-GV Body: Berry Purple 0.5mm


Totally new automatic pencil with ORENZ system which enables it to have no more refill lead breakage. The refill lead does not break because you can write with the lead covered by round-tipped guide pipe. You can write without being bothered by refill breakage even with 0.2mm refill leads for more precise and clearer words or charts. The diamater varies from surprising remarkable 0.2mm to 0.7mm.