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Twist-Erase GT

Product Lineup

  • QE205A Body: Black Barrel 0.5mm

  • QE205B Body: Red Barrel 0.5mm

  • QE205C Body: Blue Barrel 0.5mm

  • QE205K Body: Light Green Barrel 0.5mm

  • QE205V Body: Violet Barrel 0.5mm

  • QE207A Body: Black Barrel 0.7mm

  • QE207B Body: Red Barrel 0.7mm

  • QE207C Body: Blue Barrel 0.7mm

  • QE207K Body: Light Green Barrel 0.7mm

  • QE207V Body: Violet Barrel 0.7mm


Available in 5 barrel colours, 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes.

  • Just Keep Writing!
    Features a unique sliding sleeve to prolong writing and reduce lead breakage.
    You can also use as a regular automatic pencil by clicking multiple times to advance lead.
  • Love at first twist!
    No smudges and no paper tears with long-lasting twist-up eraser!