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Gel Roller


Energel Kawaii+ 2 BLN75KW (0.5mm)

Product Lineup

  • BLN75KW11-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • BLN75KW12-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • BLN75KW13-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • BLN75KW14-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • BLN75KW15-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • BLN75KW16-CX Ink: Blue 0.5mm

  • Energel Kawaii+ Wooden Case Set


Energel is the latest development in gel ink technology with its revolutionary quick-drying and no-smudge formula. This new series features beautiful patterns inspired by the Japan Summer (6 types).

  • Hanabi (fireworks) originally used to ward off evil spirits have a long history in Japan and are an integral part of Japanese summer. Every year, hundreds of firework shows are held across the country starting from end July. The firework shows appear as an announcement for the start of the summer.
  • Fusen is one of the most popular games of the summer festival in Japan. The player will have to fish a balloon by using a string with a hook attached to it. Sounds easy? Nope, as the string is made of paper, it’s easily shredded once it touches the water.
  • Kingyo (Goldfish) is another popular game at the summer festival in Japan. It started since the late Edo period and is extremely popular till today. To win, one would have to catch a Goldfish using a paper scoop. Challenging yet addictive, you can’t stop playing until you fish one.
  • Sensu (Japanese Foldable Fan) is an essential accessory during the summer in Japan. Though we live in a mostly air-conditioned environment now, most Japanese still have the habit of keeping a Sensu inside their bags. It’s also commonly used as a tool to showcase quotes. Famous people even use autographed Sensu as a gift.
  • Hana means flower. In Japan, you will get to experience the beauty of different flowers during each season, such as the blooming of Hydrangeas and Sunflowers during summer. The Japanese also tend to believe in the language of flowers such as Sakura for being “spiritual beauty” and “a good education”.
  • Asagao (Morning Glory) is one of the summer flowers in Japan, but what would remind the Japanese most from Morning Glory would be their childhood. In their elementary school, each student is required to plant a Morning Glory as their life environment studies assignment.