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Gel Roller


Hybrid Dual Metallic K110 (1.0mm)

Product Lineup

  • K110-DAX Ink: Black + Metallic Red 1.0mm

  • K110-DCX Ink: Blue + Metallic Green 1.0mm

  • K110-DDX Ink: Green + Metallic Blue 1.0mm

  • K110-DFX Ink: Orange + Metallic Yellow 1.0mm

  • K110-DPX Ink: Pink + Metallic Pink 1.0mm

  • K110-DVX Ink: Violet + Metallic Blue 1.0mm

  • K110-DXX Ink: Gold 1.0mm

  • K110-DZX Ink: Silver 1.0mm

  • K110-DXCX Ink: Gold + Blue 1.0mm

  • K110-DBDX Ink: Green + Metallic Pink 1.0mm

  • K110-DCPX Ink: Pink + Metallic Blue 1.0mm

  • K110-DDGX Ink: Yellow + Metallic Green 1.0mm

  • K110-DMDX Ink: Turquoise Green + Metallic Red & Green

  • K110-DMKX Ink: Light Green + Metallic Blue & Red

  • K110-DMNX Ink: Blue Grey + Metallic Blue & Silver

  • K110-DMPX Ink: Light Pink + Metallic Green & Gold

  • K110-DMVX Ink: Light Violet + Metallic Red & Blue

  • K110-DMXX Ink: Gold + Metallic Red & Gold

  • K110-DMZX Ink: Silver + Metallic Copper & Green

  • K110-8ST 8 colours set

  • K110-7ST1 *7 NEW colours set*


1.0mm gel roller with 19 dual metallic colour variations.
  • Different ink colours on different angles
    Each pen has two kinds of metallic ink inside and the colour will be different from the angles you view the written or drawn area.
  • 4 new ink colours
    New Crazy Cute colours for your artworks and more!