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iPlus Multi Pen

iPlus AIUEO Collaboration

Product Lineup

  • BGH3AI1 (3-refill barrel)
    Design: Kuma-balloon
    Everyone calls him "Hey KUMA-chan!"

  • BGH3AI2 (3-refill barrel)
    Design: WOO
    The wolf who surprised little riding hood. He has many colourful pants.

  • BGH3AI3 (3-refill barrel)
    Design: Marumado
    Faces of people watching out the window.

  • BGH3AI4 (3-refill barrel)
    Design: Neko border
    Sketches of various cats.

  • BGH5AI1 (5-refill barrel)
    Design: UB-balloon
    It can transform to a balloon or clouds.

  • BGH5AI2 (5-refill barrel)
    Design: Fruitschan
    Various fruits wearing masks.

  • BGH5AI3 (5-refill barrel)
    Design: Seabirds
    Seagulls above the sea

  • BGH5AI4 (5-refill barrel)
    Design: Chibi Shabon
    Little humans blowing the magic balloon


iPlus Customisable Multi Pen

  • iPlus Limited Collaboration with AIUEO
    Customise any basic character barrel with either 3 refills or 5 refills.
  • iPlus Customisable Multi Pen
    Choose from a variety of inks and pencil lead:
    0.3/0.4/0.5mm Sliccies refill (Gel)
    0.5mm Energel refill (Gel)
    0.5mm Vicuña (Oil-based)
    0.3/0.5mm Pencil refill lead