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Aquash Water Brush

Product Lineup

  • XFRH-BX Broad Tip

  • XFRH-MX Medium Tip

  • XFRH-FX Fine Tip

  • XFRH-MMX Medium Tip & Mini Body

  • XFRH-MHX Flat Tip & Medium Body


Achieve watercolor painting without going through the fuss of bringing a water containers. Just bring a water brush and fill the “reservoir” with water!

  • Available in 5 tip sizes
    Features a flexible and durable nylon brush tip.
    Great for pairing with water-soluble colour pencils, oil pastels, watercolour, etc.
  • Painting on the go
    Control the flow of water or ink with just a squeeze of the barrel.
    Fill the barrel with water to blend, or add your favourite ink.