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Color Brush

Product Lineup

  • XGFL-101X Refillable Ink: Black

  • XGFL-102X Refillable Ink: Red

  • XGFL-103X Refillable Ink: Blue

  • XGFL-104X Refillable Ink: Green

  • XGFL-105X Refillable Ink: Lemon Yellow

  • XGFL-106X Refillable Ink: Brown

  • XGFL-107X Refillable Ink: Orange

  • XGFL-109X Refillable Ink: Pink

  • XGFL-110X Refillable Ink: Sky Blue

  • XGFL-111X Refillable Ink: Light Green

  • XGFL-114X Refillable Ink: Turquoise

  • XGFL-115X Refillable Ink: Olive Green

  • XGFL-116X Refillable Ink: Pale Orange

  • XGFL-117X Refillable Ink: Steel Blue

  • XGFL-137X Refillable Ink: Grey

  • XGFL-140X Refillable Ink: Yellow Orange

  • XGFL-141X Refillable Ink: Sepia

  • XGFL-150X Refillable Ink: Purple


  • Brush with water-based ink
  • Suitable for designing and sketching
  • Ideal for painting on location
  • Refillable nylonbrush tip pen
  • Available in 18 ink colours
  • Ways to enjoy Color Brush 1 - Gradation
    - Brush tips
    Choose the brushes of the colours that you wish to mix. Paint the tip of the lighter colour brush with the darker one. Paint with the lighter colour brush to achieve colour gradation.

    - On Paper
    Here is another way to graduate colours. Paint one of the colours which you wish to mix on paper. Before it fries, lay another colour over it.
  • Ways to enjoy Color Brush 2 - With water
    Pour water into a palette and dip the tip of a brush in it. Paint with the brush on paper to create colour shading.
  • Ways to enjoy Color Brush 3 - With Aquash Water Brush
    A. You can use the Aquash Water Brush in different ways, according to the 'mood' you wish to create, to gradate widely or partially.
    B. You can make a colour paler by dissolving the ink squeezed on the palette with the Aquash Water Brush.