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High Class Energel

High Class Energel

Product Lineup

  • BL2007A-C Body: Black 0.7mm

  • BL2007C-C Body: Dark Blue 0.7mm

  • BL2007S-C Body: Turquoise 0.7mm

  • BL2007S-Z Body: Silver 0.7mm

  • BL2007S-W Body: Pearl White 0.7mm

  • BL2007B-C Body:Red 0.7mm

  • BL2007E-C Body:Brown 0.7mm

  • BL2007WZ-C Body:Warm Silver 0.7mm

  • BVL2007PS1-C Sakura Edition 0.7mm

  • BVL2007PS2-C Sakura Edition 0.7mm

  • BVL2007SS-C Sakura Edition 0.7mm

  • BVL2007CS-C Sakura Edition 0.7mm

  • BL2507A-C Body: Black 0.7mm

  • BL2507B-C Body: Red 0.7mm

  • BL2507C-C Body: Blue 0.7mm

  • BL2507N-C Body: Gray 0.7mm

  • BL2507S-C Body: Sky Blue 0.7mm


Japan’s design in a simple, unique and cool appearance. Super smooth and quick-drying liquid gel ink that is smear-proof for the best writing experience. With a rotary function that makes the nib bounce back slowly and automatically when rotating. Refillable (LR7-C).