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Hi-Polymer Super

Product Lineup

  • 300-2H 0.3mm 2H 12pcs

  • 300-H 0.3mm H 12pcs

  • 300-HB 0.3mm HB 12pcs

  • 300-B 0.3mm B 12pcs

  • C505-4B 0.5mm 4B 12pcs

  • C505-3B 0.5mm 3B 12pcs

  • C505-2B 0.5mm 2B 12pcs

  • C505-B 0.5mm B 12pcs

  • C505-HB 0.5mm HB 12pcs

  • 50-2B 0.7mm 2B 12pcs

  • 50-B 0.7mm B 12pcs

  • 50-HB 0.7mm HB 12pcs

  • 50-F 0.7mm F 12pcs

  • 50-H 0.7mm H 12pcs

  • 50-2H 0.7mm 2H 12pcs

  • 50.9-2B 0.9mm 2B 15pcs

  • 50.9-B 0.9mm B 15pcs

  • 50.9-HB 0.7mm HB 15pcs

  • 50.9-H 0.9mm H 15pcs

  • 50.9-2H 0.9mm 2H 15pcs