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Pentel Brand Ambassador Programme

19 Aug, 2021

As a brand that strives to inspire and equip artists with tools to expand their creativity and imagination, Pentel Singapore is thrilled to work with Brand Ambassadors that are aligned with the same goals. We recognise that creators now have a wider power of influence to share their own voice and colours on their digital platforms, and we would like to form a community that shares the same passion of creating and appreciating art.

Pentel Ambassadors shall be provided with at least 1 package of products in every quarter of the year, comprising of new launches/popular products/promotional sets or any relevant products that are in line with the marketing efforts.

The Brand Ambassador agrees that in such provision of products, they can not, and may not subject the products provided for resale.

In exchange for sponsorship of products, Pentel Ambassadors will agree to post at least 2 Instagram posts a month that features Pentel products with @pentelsingapore tagged, and the content posted may also be shared on Pentel Singapore’s social media pages. Pentel Ambassadors will also agree to share the insights of social media post with Pentel as part of the programme.

Terms & Conditions

Period of Ambassadorship

This ambassadorship programme will start from October 2021 until March 2022, to which Pentel will observe the feasibility of the programme.

Terms of Ambassadorship

Pentel Singapore reserves the right and authority to remove any ambassadors from the programme at any time, without any prior notice, if they fail to execute the deliverables stated in exchange for sponsored products. 

Pentel Singapore reserves the right to evaluate all submissions and we regret that only selected candidates located in Singapore will be contacted via email.