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Kawaii Phenomenon!

8 Nov, 2017

Pentel Singapore is excited to announce the launch of the new Energel Kawaii+ Gel Roller Pen, the 4th series of Kawaii pen.

Inspired by the summer of Japan, a total of 6 designs was created.

Here are the Kawaii designs;



Fireworks (Hanabi) originally used to ward off evil spirits have a long history in Japan and are an integral part of Japanese summer. For the Japanese, fireworks announce the start of the summer. Every year, hundreds of firework shows are held across the country beginning from end July and it’s the time where loved ones gather together to catch the firework.



It’s one of the most popular and famous game of the summer festival in Japan. The participant will have to fish a balloon by using a string with a hook attached to it. Sound easy? Nope, as the string is made of paper, it will be easily shred once it touches the water.



It’s another popular & extremely addictive game at the summer festival in Japan. The game has started since the late Edo period, 1810 and has gotten extremely popular where today you find it at almost every summer festival. To win the game, participants will have to fish a gold fish using a scoop made from paper. As it’s challenging, you can’t stop until you manage to get a fish.



The summer of Japan is greeted by the huge and beautiful variety of Sensu (Japanese Foldable Fan). Even though now we are living in an air-conditioned environment, most Japanese still have the habit of keeping a Sensu inside their bag. Other than cooling yourself, Sensu can also be used as a platform to showcase your quotes simply by writing your statement on. Some famous people even use Sensu as an autograph.



In Japan, you get to experience the beauty of different flowers on each season. During the summer, you can catch the blooming of flowers such Hydrangea and Sunflowers. The Japanese also tend to believe the languages of flowers such as Sakura being ‘spiritual beauty’ and ‘a good education’.



Morning glory is one of the summer flowers in Japan. But what remind the Japanese most from Morning glory would be their childhood. In elementary schools, students are required to plant a morning glory as their life environment studies assignment, hence, when they see Morning Glory it always remind them of their childhood memory.