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Neo Sable Brushes

19 Jul, 2021



Pentel’s constant innovation to craft quality stationery and art supplies brings another new set of brushes – the Neo Sable Brushes! 

These set of brushes are created with high-quality nylon fibre that is durable and has good water retention. Versatile and perfect for different painting styles from watercolour to acrylic painting. 

Explore endless creativity with the Neo Sable Brush!

Explore different brush tips & sizes!


Perfect for fine details and thin to thick lines.


Great for bold strokes, washes and filling large areas.

Ideal for detail work

Handy tool for creating fine lines and tiny brushstrokes.

Easy to clean

Pro tip: Simply soak in hot water at 60-80°C for 1-2 minutes to restore the supple and cohesive tips.

Suitable to use with different art mediums:

• Versatile, high-quality paint
• Vibrant colours with smooth consistency
• Non-toxic, quick-drying waterproof paint
• Suitable for a variety of materials

• Bright, odourless, water-resistant paint
to create personalised designs on fabric
• Applies smoothly and dries quickly
• Suitable for colour mixing

• Easy to squeeze laminated tube
• Blend easily to create subtle hues
• Dries evenly, fade-resistant; will not crack or flake

• Convenient and no fuss paints
• Vivid colours and excellentcoverage density

Artists Feature


Artwork by Mae (@maebahil on Instagram) 

Acrylic painting on canvas pencil case.

Mae does designs and calligraphy using a range of tools from brush sign pens to watercolour paints for her handlettering artworks.


Artwork by Katherine (@ma.bautista on Instagram)

Acrylic painting on canvas pencil case.

Katherine works on portrait and landscape artworks that range from watercolour pieces to pointliner drawings. 


Art by Xiao Wen (@artychipmunk on Instagram)

Acrylic painting on canvas pencil case.

Xiao Wen’s art ranges from delicate line art to colourful and bright watercolour drawings. 


Art by Jan ( on Instagram)

Acrylic painting on canvas.

Jan is a mixed media artist who works with acrylic paint to create experimental, fluid designs. 


Art by Amanda (@manda.olivia on Instagram)

Acrylic painting on mixed medium paper.

Amanda explores different textures to create abstract art pieces using earthy, neutral palettes. 


Art by Kathleen (@andflowertales on Instagram)

Acrylic painting on canvas pencil case.

Kathleen is a watercolour artist and paint maker that works with metallic paints to create diverse artworks from calligraphy to botanical paintings. 

More Ideas

Flexible and durable nylon fibre allows paint to be evenly distributed on different textured surfaces as well. 

Wood Painting


Fabric Painting

Glass Painting