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NEW LAUNCH: Orenz Gelato, Candy Mix & Metal Grip Automatic Pencil.

30 Oct, 2017

We know you can’t get enough of Orenz Automatic Pencil, so now we have added 3 more to the Orenz family.

Let’s meet,

1. Orenz Gelato [Limited Edition]

Inspired by Gelato ice cream, it comes in Cherry Red, Mint Green, Peach Pink, Soda Blue and Berry Purple.

2. Orenz Candy Mix [Limited Edition]

Available in 4 pop candy colours.

 3. Orenz Metal Grip

Ridged metal grip for a firm and non-slip writing.

Provide a stable control and maximum comfort.

Available in both 0.5mm & 0.7mm.

Don’t know what Orenz is? Now here’s your chance to learn about the life changing Automatic Pencil.

What’s different about Orenz Automatic Pencil?

  1. 1. No breaking lead – comfortable and continuous writing without advancing a lead.
  2. 2. Clear writing line
  3. 3. It feature a unique anti-breaking lead system – click once to extend lead and keep writing until Super Sliding Sleeve retracts fully into barrel.

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