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Putting Pentel’s Ain Stein lead up to the test.

7 Mar, 2018

Come check out this video where we put Pentel Ain Stein Lead [C275S] up to the strengths test next to our competitor’s.

Test criteria;
1. 60 mm long, 0.5 mm wide lead.
2. 2B hardness, darkness.
3. To find out how many SGD 20 cents coins can the refill lead stand till it breaks.

Its strong isn’t it?

With Ain Stein NEW Formula, there is an internal ‘honeycomb’ structure in it and with this ceramic frame, it holds the leads firmly from the inside making the leads Super Strong.

Ain STEIN Lead also provides smooth writing feel as well as having lesser debris on paper or your hand when you write with it.
Try it now and test how strong it is!