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What you have probably missed! Here’s a recap of Pentel Singapore at the Doujin Market 2018!

11 Jul, 2018

Doujin Market | 5 & 6 May 2018

What was there?

Follow us as we bring you through what has happened then!

#1 Pentel Booth @ Doujin Market 2018

#2 Rachta starting the show with a live drawing on Pentel Art Wall!

#3 Pentel Singapore very first Manga Contest! 

Who wins? Your Say!

The visitors of Doujin Market on 5 May 2018 are invited to be the panel, and they get to decide who should win along with a Pentel Representative and our Invited Panel, Rachta Lin!

Voting Corner

Our neighbour, Stanley Artgerm Lau came by and voted for his favourite! Thank you Artgerm!

Having a tough time voting for their favourite!

Rachta Lin, our invited panel allocating her votes.

#4 Rachta Sharing Session about her Journey as a Full-Time artist and her tips and tricks of drawing using Pentel Colour Brush!

#5 Pentel Singapore Manga Contest Prize Presentation

Lastly, not forgetting to announce the winners of the Pentel Singapore Manga Contest!

2nd Runner-Up goes to the young and talented, Zovy Wong Cze Wei. She won herself a $200 Pentel Credit! Such an aspiring young talent!


1st Runner-Up goes to Kit! A very impactful artwork by her! Great Job! She won herself a $300 Credit! Congratulations!

And finally, the Grand Winner of Pentel Singapore 1st Manga Contest, Mr Yeo Yee Heng! Congratulations and look forward to our co-production!

Last but not least, a group photo of these talented young artists together with Pentel Singapore representative and Rachta!

Thank you to all who have joined us and make our event a successful one! We hope to see you again soon!